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MTD Wolf Garten Small Crumbler LF-M Without Handle



  • Loosen and weed beds and pots to optimize plant growth
  • LF-M/ZM 02/04 Set including mini tool handle
Description This Small Crumbler makes light work of breaking up heavy soil, loosening it to allow for optimal plant growth. The downward facing prongs have sharp tips that break through hard ground and the 7cm width of the tool head makes it ideal for use in closely planted beds, borders and containers. Manufactured in Germany to the highest of engineering standards, this tool is designed to be used with your choice of lightweight multi-change® handles.

MTD Wolf Garten Spade (Straight) AS-D

This Straight Spade has the strength and stability to cope with extreme loads and simplify the most difficult of tasks. The induction-hardened boron steel blade easily penetrates the ground, whilst the stiffening ribs ensure that the spade will not bend. The non-slip sleeve on the shaft allows a secure grip, whilst the ergonomic D-grip handle allows safe and comfortable operation. An upright posture can be maintained thanks to the tread edge, making groundwork fast and effective.

MTD Wolf Garten Tree Loppers PDC RR 400 T

This Bypass Tree Lopper has a 225° adjustable cutting head and the bypass blade has a cutting diameter of 32mm. The tool has a telescopic handle which can extend from 240–400cm, enabling you to reach branches up to 5.5 metres high from the safety of the solid ground. The tool head is clearly visible in trees for safe and precise working. This lopper has two cutting options: high-speed cutting for the quick cutting of thinner branches, and high-performance cutting, for thicker branches requiring more force. The cutting blades have a non-stick coating which reduces strain when cutting and makes the tool easier to clean. This item is a fixed hand tool and not compatible with the multi-change® range.

MTD Wolf Garten Two Different Cutting Modes RS 800

  • Light weight and stable aluminium tubes
  • Non stick coated blades for reduced cutting force and easy cleaning
  • Speed Cut and Power Cut Mode
  • Cutting diameter 50 mm
  • Replaceable wearing parts

RajAgro Premium Garden Grafting Tool

Professional Efficient Pruning and Grafting Cutting Tool Use for Garden Fruit Tree Prune Shear Snip and Grafting Cutting Tool