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Original price was: ₹10,440.00.Current price is: ₹9,920.00.
• Power: 600 Watt • Voltage: 230 V • Frequency: 50 Hz • Blade attachment: Blade cover • Blade length:


Original price was: ₹11,560.00.Current price is: ₹10,990.00.
ed voltage, frequency: 220V, 50 Hz ed input 550 Watt load speed no : 1850 min-1 x. cutting length :

Leo Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Original price was: ₹18,500.00.Current price is: ₹14,499.00.
Leo Cordless Hedge Trimmer Specifications : Blade Length : 460 mm Working Time : 30-40 mins Battery Charging Time :

Leo Electric Hedge Trimmer 550W Heavy Duty

Original price was: ₹9,999.00.Current price is: ₹6,299.00.
Blade Length : 500 mm Power : 550 watts Rated Voltage : 230 V Cutting Speed : 3300 Rpm /

MTD Wolf Garten E-multi-star® Hedge Trimmer HT 40 eM

Original price was: ₹14,535.00.Current price is: ₹11,700.00.

MTD Wolf Garten Hedge Trimmer 45 Cm HSE 45 V

Original price was: ₹21,830.00.Current price is: ₹16,920.00.

MTD Wolf Garten Hedge Trimmer 45 Cm LYCOS E/420 H

Original price was: ₹10,690.00.Current price is: ₹7,800.00.

MTD Wolf Garten Hedge Trimmer 55 Cm HSE 55 V

Original price was: ₹22,960.00.Current price is: ₹17,800.00.
  • 180° rotating cutting head for comfortable and ergonomic working in all positions
  • All models feature counter-rotating blades
  • All models feature counter-rotating blades
  • Incl. blade sheath

MTD Wolf Garten Hedge Trimmer 65 Cm HSE 65 V

Original price was: ₹23,875.00.Current price is: ₹18,200.00.

 Buy the Best Hedge Trimmer Online in India at RajAgro Udaipur: Your Ultimate Guide

In the lush green landscapes of India, maintaining a well-manicured hedge can add aesthetic appeal to any property. To achieve this, investing in high-quality garden implements like hedge trimmers is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of hedge trimmers, helping you make an informed decision when you decide to buy one.Read More

 Types of Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers come in various types, each catering to specific needs. From electric to battery-powered, petrol, cordless, and pole hedge trimmers, the options are abundant. Let's explore the characteristics of each type to guide you in choosing the perfect fit for your gardening requirements.


  • Electric Hedge Trimmer:
  • Efficiency: Electric hedge trimmers are known for their efficiency in cutting through branches with precision, making them suitable for various hedge sizes.
  • Eco-Friendly: With no emissions during operation, electric hedge trimmers are an environmentally friendly option for conscious gardeners.
  • Battery Hedge Trimmer:
  • Cordless Convenience: Battery hedge trimmers offer the convenience of cordless operation, allowing users to move freely without the limitations of a power cord.
  • Versatility: Ideal for small to medium-sized gardens, battery hedge trimmers provide versatility without compromising on power.
  • Petrol Hedge Trimmer:
  • Unmatched Power: Petrol hedge trimmers deliver unparalleled power, making them suitable for larger hedge projects and tough, overgrown vegetation.
  • Versatility in Terrain: With no reliance on electrical outlets, petrol hedge trimmers are versatile, capable of tackling hedges in various terrains.
  • Pole Hedge Trimmer:
  • Extended Reach: Pole hedge trimmers are designed for reaching taller hedges and shrubs, offering an extended reach without the need for ladders.
  • Adjustable Angles: Many pole hedge trimmers come with adjustable cutting angles, allowing users to trim the tops and sides of hedges with ease.


 How to Choose the Right Hedge Trimmer

Selecting the right hedge trimmer involves understanding your garden's unique characteristics. Factors such as hedge size, accessibility, and power preferences play a crucial role. We'll discuss key aspects to consider when choosing a hedge trimmer to ensure it aligns perfectly with your gardening goals.

  • Garden Size and Type
  • Power Source
  • Blade Length
  • Weight and Ergonomics
  • Noise Level
  • Vibration Levels
  • Safety Features
  • Ease of Maintenance


 Maintenance and Safety Tips

Owning a hedge trimmer requires responsible maintenance and adherence to safety measures. Learn the essential tips to keep your tool in optimal condition, ensuring longevity and efficient performance. Safety should always be a top priority when handling any gardening equipment.

 Best Practices for Trimming Hedges

Trimming hedges is not just about cutting branches; it's an art that requires precision. Discover the best practices for achieving beautifully trimmed hedges, enhancing the overall appearance of your outdoor space. From technique to timing, we've got you covered.

  1. Precision and Timing: Achieve beautifully trimmed hedges by practicing precision cutting and timing your trimming sessions appropriately.
  2. Proper Disposal: Dispose of trimmings responsibly, preventing clutter and ensuring a tidy garden space.
  3. Regular Inspections: Periodically inspect your hedge for overgrowth or irregularities, addressing them promptly to maintain a neat and healthy appearance.
  4. Avoid Over-Trimming: Over-trimming can stress the hedge; trim responsibly to maintain the natural shape and health of the plants.
  5. Use the Right Tools: Utilize the appropriate hedge trimmer and pruning tools to ensure clean cuts and minimize damage to the plant.
  6. Consider the Season: Be mindful of the season when trimming; certain seasons are more conducive to promoting healthy growth.
  7. Safety First: Prioritize safety by wearing appropriate protective gear such as goggles and gloves while operating the hedge trimmer.
  8. Clean Cut Techniques: Use clean-cut techniques to prevent tearing or damaging the branches, promoting faster healing of the trimmed areas.

 Brands: MTD Wolf Garten, Falcon, Leo

Explore the leading brands in the hedge trimmer market. MTD Wolf Garten, Falcon, and Leo are renowned for their quality and performance. 

  1. MTD:


2. Falcon:

  • Power and Versatility: Falcon chainsaws like FALCON HEDGE TRIMMER FEHT-267, FALCON POLE HEDGE TRIMMER FPHT-268 offer a perfect balance of power and versatility, making them ideal for various cutting applications.
  • User-Friendly Design: With user-friendly features, Falcon chainsaws are designed for easy operation, catering to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

3. Leo:

  • Cutting-Edge Innovation: Leo chainsaws like Leo Cordless Hedge Trimmer boast cutting-edge innovation, incorporating advanced technologies to deliver superior cutting performance.
  • Ergonomic Excellence: Leo prioritizes user comfort with ergonomic designs, ensuring a comfortable and efficient chainsaw experience for users of all levels.


Understanding the right Hedge Trimmer

1. Exploring Electric Hedge Trimmers: Electric hedge trimmers have gained popularity for their efficiency and eco-friendliness. Dive into the world of electric hedge trimmers, understanding their advantages and limitations. Is an electric hedge trimmer the right choice for your gardening needs? Let's find out.


2.Evaluating Battery Hedge Trimmers: Battery hedge trimmers provide the convenience of cordless operation. Delve into their features, battery life, and suitability for various garden sizes. Unearth the benefits of going cordless and why a battery hedge trimmer might be the perfect fit for your gardening routine.


3. Embracing the Power of Petrol Hedge Trimmers: For larger hedge projects, petrol hedge trimmers are the go-to choice. Uncover the unparalleled power and versatility of these trimmers, understanding when and why they might be the ideal solution for your gardening endeavors.


4.Pole Hedge Trimmers: Reaching New Heights: When your hedges reach towering heights, a pole hedge trimmer becomes indispensable. Learn about the features and advantages of pole hedge trimmers, enabling you to conquer even the most challenging trimming tasks.


 Buy Hedge Trimmer: Your Ultimate Guide

Now that you're equipped with knowledge about the types of hedge trimmers and the best practices for usage, it's time to make a purchase. Explore the options available at RajAgro Udaipur, where quality meets affordability. Buy the perfect hedge trimmer that suits your gardening needs.


In conclusion, investing in a hedge trimmer is a step towards achieving a well-groomed garden. By understanding the types, brands, and best practices associated with hedge trimmers, you can make an informed decision. Whether you opt for electric, battery, petrol, or pole hedge trimmers, RajAgro Udaipur offers a range of options to cater to every gardener's needs.

FAQs About Hedge Trimmers

Regularly inspect and sharpen the blades at the beginning of each gardening season to ensure clean and efficient cuts.
It is not recommended to use electric hedge trimmers in wet conditions to avoid safety hazards. Opt for cordless options for wetter environments.
Battery hedge trimmers are ideal for small to medium-sized gardens. For larger areas, consider petrol or corded electric trimmers for extended power.
Wear safety goggles, gloves, and sturdy shoes to protect yourself from debris and potential accidents while operating a hedge trimmer.
The battery life of cordless hedge trimmers varies. It's essential to check the manufacturer's specifications to determine the runtime and choose a model that suits your needs.