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Cub Cadet Back Rotary Power Tiller 7 HP (RT 65 KH)

Original price was: ₹135,585.00.Current price is: ₹120,650.00.
  • Manually preparing a garden with a shovel or a spade is extremely strenuous work. 
  • When choosing tools to start your own garden, a rear tine tiller is the first investment you should make.
  • Rear tine tillers break up hard ground and till it into soft garden soil that can easily be cultivated and sowed.
  • They allow you to loosen soil effortlessly without the exhausting labor.
  • As the powerhouses of the tiller family, rear tine tillers are the tool to choose when you're working with large plots of soil that's hard and rocky or heavy with high clay content
  • They offer plenty of options and features for serious gardeners and farmers, too.

Cub Cadet Power Tiller 212 CC ( FT 550 )

Original price was: ₹107,740.00.Current price is: ₹89,900.00.
Short Description
  • 212 cc OHV engine
  • 1 forward speed
  • 13.8 inches dual rotating tines with adjustable width.
  • Cub Cadet FT-550  is ideal for small to medium sized gardens.
    • The Cub Cadet 212 cc, 4-cycle OHV engine is designed to offer powerful performance.
    • The adjustable 13 in./22 in./24 in. tilling width allows the operator to choose their preferred tilling width.
    • Designed for the price-conscious customer, these tillers are best for small gardens under 2,500 sq. ft. that have been previously cultivated.
Model Features
  • Easy grip integrated handles
  • Powerful  212 cc OHV engine
  • Convenient never flat steel wheels
  • Dual rotating tines