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Aspee Brush Cutter 35CC 4 Stroke

Suitable for farmers to harvest crops like Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Jowar, Bajra, Fodder for Cattle, etc.

Aspee Brush Cutter 50CC 4 Stroke

Suitable for farmers to harvest crops like paddy, wheat, maize, jowar, bajra, fodder for cattle, etc. Also suitable for cutting fresh or dry grass, Small bushes, bamboo.

Cub Cadet Wheeled String Trimmer | 173cc & 4 stroke OHV engine

Short Description
  • 173cc Kohler 4 stroke  OHV engine
  • 22" cutting swath provides a wide reach to quickly trim large areas of grass.
  • Foldable loop handle
  • Offset steel deck
  • A 173cc commercial-grade Kohler engine provides high-performance power, easier starting, extended use, and reduced noise.
  • 22" cutting swath provides a wide reach to quickly trim large areas of grass.
  • An ergonomic handle adjusts to 3 positions and a rubber bail grip provides smooth handling and comfort, folds for easy storage.
  • Easily lower the cutting height to take on walls and structures or raise it to tackle thick grass and weeds with a 2.375" to 4.375" range
  • Offset deck thoughtfully designed to easily trim around obstacles such as corners and fence lines while walking in a straight line.
  Key Features
  • Foldable loop handle
  • Offset steel deck
  • Low fuel consumption


The Brush/Weed Cutter for landscaping, agricultural and horticultural business. • Engine: Honda GX35 4 stroke • Power : 1.3 hp


Designed and built for Indian conditions, Rover handheld equipment will help keep your lawn & garden tidy. With a large range of line trimmers, , we have the right power garden tools to maintain your outdoor area.

Nylon Trimmer Line 3mm 50m Square for Brush Cutter & Weed Trimmer Grass Cutter

Cleaning & Landscaping of Grass at Farm. Note : The product is same but color may vary

Really Brush Cutter 4 Stroke PCH-35SP


Tap & Go Nylon Trimmer Attachment for Brush Cutter

Normal Quality Tap & Go Nylon Trimmer Attachment for Brush Cutter. This is Normal Quality and This can attachable and use

Discover Your Green Oasis: Unleash the Power of Brush/Weed/Crop Cutters with RajAgro Udaipur!

Unearth the Beauty of Your Garden with RajAgro Udaipur's Exclusive Cutter Collection

In the heart of India, where gardens bloom and landscapes beckon, RajAgro Udaipur unveils the ultimate solution of garden implements, for your green haven. Say goodbye to unruly weeds, overgrown brush, and stubborn crops with our curated collection of Brush/Weed/Crop Cutters – your key to a pristine outdoor paradise.Read More

A Symphony of Blades: Exploring the Varieties of Brush Cutters

Embark on a journey through the diverse symphony of garden tools. From the graceful hum of electric weed cutters to the robust roar of petrol-powered crop cutters and the artisanal touch of manual cutters – RajAgro Udaipur brings you a melody of options to orchestrate your garden's perfection.

Electric Elegance: Where Precision Meets Simplicity

Let the elegance of electric brush cutters serenade your smaller green spaces. Lightweight, eco-friendly, and effortlessly maneuverable, these instruments transform garden maintenance into a harmonious experience.

Petrol-Powered Giants: Conquer Vast Terrains with Raw Power

For the conquerors of extensive landscapes, our petrol brush cutter stands ready. Unleash raw power, endurance, and the ability to tackle the most demanding tasks with grace.

Manual Mastery: Crafting Your Garden's Destiny

For the artisans in the garden, our manual cutters offer a hands-on approach to precision. Sculpt and shape your green canvas with deliberate strokes, embracing the eco-friendly path to a manicured masterpiece.

The Alchemy of Selection: Decoding the Key Factors

Before you dive into the realm of garden transformation, let's decipher the alchemy of selecting the perfect cutter. From the magic of engine power to the spellbinding cutting width and the enchantment of ergonomic design – every factor plays a role in your garden's destiny.

Engine Power: Unleash the Magic

The potency of your cutter lies in its engine. Petrol-powered cutters conjure raw magic, electric ones emit a refined enchantment, and manual cutters weave a spell of precision.

Cutting Width: Broad Strokes or Delicate Touch?

Choose your wand wisely – a broader cutting width for vast landscapes or a slender one for delicate detailing.

Weight and Ergonomics: Finding the Balance

Like a sorcerer's wand, the weight and ergonomics of your cutter should harmonize. Strike the perfect balance for a magical gardening experience.

The Great Elemental Battle: Electric vs. Petrol vs. Manual

In the grand arena of cutters, an elemental battle ensues—electric whispers with eco-friendly tales, petrol roars with power, and manual dances with precision. Let's delve into the details.

Electric vs. Petrol: Clash of Eco and Power

Electric cutters serenade with eco-friendly whispers, while petrol-powered ones roar with the might of thunder. Choose your elemental ally based on your garden's needs.

Petrol vs. Manual: Power Meets Precision

Petrol-powered giants battle the meticulous strokes of manual mastery. Each possesses its charm – the power of fire or the finesse of the artisan.

Crafting Perfection: Essential Features of Brush Cutters

Every masterpiece requires the right tools. As you embark on your garden's artistic journey, consider these essential features – the brush cutter's palette.

Adjustable Handles: Shaping Comfort

Mold your cutting experience with adjustable handles, ensuring comfort as you shape your green masterpiece.

Anti-Vibration Symphony: The Comfort Sonata

Let your cutting sessions be a symphony of comfort with an anti-vibration system that reduces fatigue, ensuring you're in tune with your garden.

Easy Starting Incantations: Begin the Spell

Start your gardening spell effortlessly with easy starting mechanisms, turning the mundane into a magical experience.

Unleashing the Magic: Mastering the Art of Brush Cutting

With the right tools, mastering the art of brush cutting becomes a magical endeavor. Arm yourself with these enchanting techniques to conjure the perfect garden masterpiece.

Safety Charms: Adorn yourself with protective gear – the charms of goggles, gloves, and sturdy footwear – ensuring a safe gardening spell.

Precision Elixirs: Master the elixirs of precision, maintaining a steady pace and crafting your garden with deliberate strokes.

Maintenance Potions: Brew regular maintenance potions, following the sacred guidelines of the manufacturer to keep your cutter in top form.

The Tapestry of Brands: Aspee, Cub Cadet, Falcon, MTD Rover & Really

Certain brands weave a story of reliability and performance in the grand tapestry of garden tools. Allow us to introduce the maestros of the garden symphony.

  • Aspee: Durability Defined

Aspee, the virtuoso of durability, presents a range of brush cutters like Aspee Brush Cutter 35CC 4 Stroke, Aspee Brush Cutter 50CC 4 Stroke, each note echoing with longevity and resilience.

  • Cub Cadet: Power and Innovation Unleashed

Cub Cadet, the avant-garde, combines the powers of innovation and raw energy, creating a symphony of unparalleled performance with Cub Cadet Wheeled String Trimmer | 173cc & 4 stroke OHV engine

  • Falcon: Precision in Every Note

Falcon, the virtuoso of precision, crafts each note meticulously, ensuring your garden's melody is pitch-perfect with it’s top models like FALCON BRUSH/ WEED CUTTER FBC-35, FALCON BRUSH/ WEED CUTTER FBC-42 & FALCON BRUSH/ WEED CUTTER FBC-43

  • MTD Rover: User-Friendly Harmonies

MTD Rover, the minstrel of user-friendly design, strums chords of simplicity without compromising cutting prowess with it’s best models like MTD Rover BACK PACK BRUSH CUTTER 4 Stroke RB 436, MTD Rover BRUSH CUTTER (Straight Shaft) 4 Stroke

  1. Really: Affordability Meets Functionality

Really, the bard of affordability strikes a chord where price meets functionality, ensuring a harmonious union with it’s Really Brush Cutter 4 Stroke PCH-35SP

Buy Brush Cutter Online: Navigating the Digital Greenery

In the realm of digital greenery, the path to acquiring your magical brush cutter is but a click away. RajAgro Udaipur invites you to explore, compare, and seamlessly buy brush cutter online.

FAQS About Brush/Weed/Crop Cutter

Absolutely! RajAgro Udaipur ensures that you buy weed cutter securely online delivering both safety and timely magic to your doorstep.
Some brush cutters come with mystical attachments for hedge trimming. Consult the magical specifications to ensure compatibility with your hedge-taming quests.
Regular maintenance rituals are essential. After each gardening enchantment, consult the sacred guidelines provided by the manufacturer to keep your cutter in prime magical condition.
Indeed, the petrol-powered brush cutters tend to vocalize their presence more robustly. To maintain your peace, consider adorning protective ear charms during their operation.
It is advisable to let your brush cutter perform its magic on dry ground. Wet grass may dampen its magical efficacy, causing potential clogs in its spellbinding mechanisms.

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