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Coco Peat

The Coco Peat is an ideal media for growing Flower plants, Vegetable plants in Portrays, Quick fill bags, Grow bags, Planks and in Pots. The result is excellent compare with other growing media. Being Coco Peat is a natural product, eco friendly and bio –degradable. Coco Peat is a by-product after the extraction of the coir fiber from the coconut husk. It is a pure natural organic biodegradable matter. It is also an eco-friendly growing medium, ideally used as a Soil Reconditioner, Soil Structure Improver, Soil Substrate. As it is a natural spongy medium that can be used as a growing medium, Coir Peat can replace peat moss as the best growing material for gardening and other horticultural needs. It is economical and a natural alternate for peat moss.


The following is the product range available :


·         Coco Peat - Blocks

·         Coco Peat - Briquettes

·         Coco Peat - Growbags

·         Coco Peat - Quickfil bags

·         Coco - Mixed blocks


Physical Parameters

Raw materials of age ranging from six months to two years

Free from weeds and seeds

Free from microbiological diseases


Coco Peat is available in the following type: 


Compressed Briquettes:

Coco Peat in 650gms. Briquettes

Compressed Briquettes of 1 litres gives turnout volume of 8 litres per block. Compressed in Bricks of weight 650gms. Size 20 x 10 x 5 cm.


Compressed blocks :

Coco Peat in 5 Kgs. Block

Compressed blocks of 12 litres gives turnout volume of 60 litres per block. Compressed Blocks of weight 5 Kgs. Size 30 x 30 x 15 cm


Compressed Growbags:

Grow Bags in Glass House

Coco peat in compressed Strips / Board form of different sizes. Sizes Ranging from 60 cms to 240 cms in length and 10 cms to 40 cms in width.


Coco Peat Ready Mixture :

Coco Peat Ready Mixture

Coco peat ready mixture is available in 50 kg bag. It is sterlised upto 100 deg C for any type of virus, fungicide etc.